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  • Download and unpack (Downloads tab)
  • Create SharePoint WebPart Page (http://server/site/pages/CodePlex.SharePoint.Explorer.aspx)
  • Add and import WebPart (CodePlex.SharePoint.Explorer\src\SharePoint\CodePlex.SharePoint.Explorer.dwp)
  • Start VisualStudio (CodePlex.SharePoint.Explorer\src\CodePlex.SharePoint.Explorer.sln)
  • Edit CodePlex.SharePoint.Explorer\src\Program.cs
    • Change const string sharePointLibrary = "http://<server>/<web>/<Documentlibrary>"; to const string sharePointLibrary = "http://server/site/pages";


  • Navigation in SharePoint sites and lists
  • CRUD operations for ListItems and Folders
  • View, Edit, Delete of documents
  • Move Documents and Folders by drag & drop
  • Client site cache to automatically update of GUI after insert/update/delete operations
  • Configuration
    • Settings tab
    • Manage root nodes by context menu and darg & drop
  • DeepLink,by location hash, Restore last navigation position on page load (thanks HTML5 LocalStorage API)

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